Have you ever met John?

Conifer John is the product of my last three years of music making. The album was written and recorded at Oak House, Parsonage Road, Heatherden, Goulden Road, and The Knoll. The project explores all the usual themes in a young sapling’s life – love, loss, heartbreak, boats, absorbing complex nutrients from the soil using a combination of active and passive transport – but most of all: growth.

Growth is the ancient remit of the tree, its progress is measured in rings, and unattended growth in the wrong direction can necessitate pruning, deadheading, or amputation – all of which are normal parts of life. This music has grown with me for three years, and now it is time for it to leave the trellis, burst out of it’s little corrugated plastic sheath that protects it from rabbits (but not deer), and stretch into the world.

The record will be released in October 2019, and there will be a concert to commemorate the occasion! I dearly hope I will see you there.