Beyond Sea

This loom I’m caught in
Like clay waiting for high noon.
What’d I find, what’d I find, what’d I find
When I fillet the flash dashing
Bright behind my eyes?

The foundry’s melting out
But I think like a founder now,
Linking lilt to lout.
O, my pangs are showing.
O, there’s no use knowing it all at all.

In a welcome way it flames out when it’s shaken.
The shine won’t stay it piles Pelion upon Ossa.

It’s sewn in my thigh,
So far, so fine, so simple,
Ever growing out in cline,
I’ve got it coated in ambergris
To lighten the alley.

In flotsam in ink,
In spring caught in my fingers,
In dirt, in birds, in jeans,
In sins and sinks,
Stones and cheeks,
Bows bent down to me
Dropping out of eaves.

Tint as in Titian,
Wishing for Fis.
See me in the acres.
I’ll visit where you’re from,
Content to fuel the fire.
Thaw your ice with acorns
And find me in the light.

(The sun creeps through your curtain and the day begins to call…
It’s true…
–ero is something to be!)

Tint as in Titian,
Wishing for Fis.
See me in the acres,
The Lakers b-ing lines.
I’ll visit where you’re from,
Fighting through the byes,
Aching newly like a sprain
You’ll find me in the light.

As is the central tenet of the a(r)twork podcast, everyone is an artist (! It can be hard finding inspiration (or the work ethic) to create something new, but these are a lot of the things that help me along my way.
Pelion and Ossa are two mountains in Greece which the giant twin sons of Poseidon, Otos (insatiate) and Ephialtes (nightmare), stacked on top of each other to storm Olympus and take Artemis and Athena for wives. They were immediately slain by Artemis and Apollo. Dante therefore buried Ephialtes in the 9th circle of Hell for treachery and chained up his arms for good measure.

You will hear the beautiful voice of Jess Hornby on this song, when she sings the last chorus and when her gorgeous song 13:12 and her cover of Working Class Hero are sampled in the bridge ( She’s also in A Flower Called Asphodel; if I could live in her voice I would.

The world is charged with the grandeur of God, it will flame out like shining from shook foil.

– Gerard Manley Hopkins, God’s Grandeur

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